Model Schools (MSS)

The model schools were established within the general education programs which is affiliated with HEHD in 2007-2008 by opening two model secondary schools in the cities of Mukalla and Seiyun aiming at the care of the first graduates with higher educational attainment from the graduates of basic education. HEHD has undertaken to sponsor them through providing the appropriate educational environment and finding a constituent budget that ensures the continuity of education with high-quality scientific specifications. These schools were founded based on the full believe of HEHD in the outstanding students who represent a source of tender that will contribute to excellence in providing what human societies need.

This program includes a number of objectives:

1) Care of outstanding students, and up to the care of creators and talented.
2) Create appropriate conditions for some of the students in Hadhramout Governorate who meet the intellectual potential, creative energy and multi-tender ability.
3) Dissemination of quality culture in the context of school life through the presence of model schools which challenging the other schools.
4) Advising the youth to fair competition to achieve the best results in the educational attainment.