Hadhramout English Language Institute (HELI)

HEHD has established tow English Language Institutes (HELI in Mukalla & a branch in Seiyun) believing that English language in the world of today has become a tool of communication between nations and cultures, and who learns it, will help him/her in communication with others, as well as will help to respond to the era challenges of science and technological knowledge that increases the opportunities of working with civil society organizations in general, and with oil companies in particular, as will as to study abroad.


Program Objectives:



1. Developing English Language skills of secondary school graduates : priority is given to those who are likely to study abroad or those who would pursue their studies at faculties where English is the medium of instruction.
2. Preparing the students for TOEFL.
3. Helping graduate students to acquire the English language skills which will help them to pursue their higher studies as well as meet the labor market requirement.
4. Strengthening the relationship with colleges and institutes internally and externally so as to achieve the desired goals.
5. Provision of English Language courses for specific purposes (ESP).