"Engineer Shaker," a Tale of a Researcher preferred to return home instead of working abroad" /


Shaker studied his a bachelor's degree at Hadhramout University in the field of electronic engineering and communications. He finished his master's degree at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals in KSA, and returned home , leaving job opportunities in Saudi Arabia. He says, "Where do I go from the speech of an old man? which says " Go to Shaher and let Oman, if you can not find dates you will find for gums".


Shaker continued to talk about the jobs he received after his Masters outside his homeland, but he preferred to work in the field of his homeland instead of working outside as the dove of the missing childhood.


Shaker Mahaimoud is one of the scholars of HEHD at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals to complete the postgraduate studies in electrical engineering sciences.


During his master's degree, Shaker obtained a patent and published a research paper in an international journal.


Engineer Shaker did not hesitate to accept the offer of the Community College in Al-Shaher city to be recruited as a lecturer in the faculty in 2013 to work with the faculty team, and to develop the quality of education and attract cadres with experience in the academic fields.


He was then appointed Vice Dean for Academic Affairs to increase his efforts to promote the educational process and provide the labor market with highly skilled academic and technical cadres.


Shaker looks forward to his position as Vice Dean, to open specializations that meet the needs of the community and support the developmental and professional courses that benefit the country and its citizens.


Eng. Shaker concludes by saying: "The most precious of our wealth is education and development, through which we can raise the value of our country and restore its glory. So returning home has an economic importance in the first place as well as being a kind of national righteousness.