The Foundation delegation is inspecting the Study progress in French Institutes

The Foundation delegation is inspecting the Study progress in French Institutes

17/03/2019 8:23am


The delegation of Hadhramaut Foundation, headed by Eng. Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan, visited the headquarters of CLA Institute in the city of Besançon as part of the visit of the delegation these days to the French Republic to ensure the progress of the study for students of the second batch of scholarship students in preparation for joining the French universities next year

The delegation toured the Institute's departments and classrooms and it was informed of the facilities provided to the students to teach them the skill of speaking French fluently, as noted by the Institute's administration


During the official visit, a working meeting was held between the delegation of the Foundation and the Institute's Administration , in which they discussed the conditions of the students, their scholastic results, the implementation plans of the curriculum and the accompanying activities, thus enabling the students to achieve levels that would enable them to join French universities without any trouble


In the presence of some of the Institute's administration and a delegate from Campes France Agency, the delegation met the Institute's students at the Institute and some of the first batch of students at the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon city


The student was able to present their assessment of the study and the facilities provided by the Institute


The students of the first batch reviewed their opinions and previous experiences in the study of the French language, pointing to some points that would be advisable to enable the students at the Institute to overcome any difficulties that may face them in their university studies


It is worth noting that the language spoken by students was French, and it was reassuringly smooth


At the end of the meeting, Eng. Abdullah Bugshan told his students who had spent two years in France that they could visit their parents at the end of the second semester