HEHD organizes a ceremony honoring its graduate students from Canadian universities

HEHD organizes a ceremony honoring its graduate students from Canadian universities

04/10/2017 7:05am

Hadhramout Establishment for Human Development organized a speech and art event in which 16 students from Canadian universities were honored on Friday evening in Toronto, Canada.
Mr. Abdullah Bawazeer (Students' Supervisor) welcomed the attendance, reviewing some of the programs and activities carried out by the Hadhrami Students Forum in Canada during the current year, adding that the Foundation's students in Canada achieve the highest grades in all disciplines of the university.
The HEHD Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Sheikh Eng. Abdullah Ahmed Buqshan said that since its inception, the HEHD has been planning and drawing up such events as a product and summary of the effort of ten years of preparation and strategic planning.
He stressed the keenness of the HEHD to benefit from the return of cadres graduate from the master's and doctorate to return to their country to provide it with qualified capacities within the human footing in the world's many accredited universities.
The member of the Board of Trustees Eng. Ahmed Bashweih has referred to the various programs of HEHD, including the scholarship and training program, which is the strongest program of the HEHD since the establishment.
He gave a brief description of the HEHD and its students and the urgent developments in the vision and mission of the HEHD, which aims to establish the institutional work and organize the process of scholarship and achieve the objectives of the Establishment.
The Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to Canada Dr. Jamal Abdullah Al-Sallal praised the efforts of the HEHD in its keenness to send outstanding students to be the building blocks of the development of their society and their country.
He expressed his pride in the achievements of students in Canadian universities, which convey a positive image of their homeland.
The speech was delivered by Dr. Fayez Batis, who expressed the great happiness of the students with the presence of the HEHD Board of Trustees, which is shared with them their graduation celebration. Stressing the determination of all graduate students to serve their country and provide all consultations in order to develop the information infrastructure.
Dr. Fayez Batis is a student of a number of patents.
Dr. Nasser Al-Mishbani, the first student to join Canadian universities, was quoted as saying that his professors had touched him in an attempt to overcome difficulties in order to achieve his goal.
A motivated speech was given to the students by Dr. Rida Ben Murad at the University of Toronto,.