Eng. Abdullah Bugshan publicizes Hadhrami Students' Club in France

Eng. Abdullah Bugshan publicizes Hadhrami Students' Club in France

05/11/2019 10:49am

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Hadhramaut Foundation, Eng. Abdullah Ahmed Bugshan, publicized the Hadhrami Students' Club in France, Paris, as an extension of the convoy of Hadhrami Students' Clubs in various parts of the world.


During the ceremony, Eng. Abdullah Bugshan noted that the club will help the students of the Foundation who are attending French universities in organizing many scientific, social and cultural activities.


He confirmed the support of the extracurricular activities of the Foundation's students, which is under the Hadhrami Students' Club in France, adding that the club will be an umbrella for all scholarship students in French universities.


He also stressed the importance of arming with knowledge and returning to build the country that awaits a lot.


For his part, the Chairman of the founding committee of the club, Awad bin Shamlan said that the club will strive to organize all student activities, and that they will seek through the club to represent Hadhramaut and the country in all different forums.


In addition, the club's logo designer, Ghaida Salah, explained the logo's philosophy and significance, which carries a mix of Hadhrami and French identity.


The ceremony was witnessed by a series of poems and videos highlighting students' creativity, and it was marshaled by Hadhrami dances that highlight the ancient artistic heritage of Hadhrami people.


It was attended by the delegation of Hadhramaut Foundation from the Board of Trustees, Executive Management and representatives of Campus France.


The students' Club in France aims at a set of goals, the most prominent of which is to strengthen student ties, promote friendship among students, encourage students' talents and improve their abilities, and cooperate with official and other organizations to care for students' interests and defend their rights.


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